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When looking to buy a puppy make sure not to rush into things. The puppy you buy should not be a spur of the moment choice. Take your time and think things through. Talk with your breeder and ask questions. The breeder should know each puppy’s personality and should be able to help you find the perfect match for you or your family.




Puppies are reserved with a deposit and a signed copy of our contract.

Deposits are $500.00 and are NON REFUNDABLE, except in cases of premature death, prior to the delivery of your puppy to you. If you change your mind and do not want or cannot take your puppy, you forfeit your deposit.

Deposits can be paid with postal money orders or cashier's checks. We do not accept personal checks. Once Spencerman Bullies receives the deposit the puppy will be marked and considered sold. 

If your puppy has to be shipped to you, the total balance owed (including shipping cost which is between $300 and $375 at this time) on your puppy must be received by us by the time your puppy is six (6) weeks old. We will not ship your puppy until your check clears, regardless of the type of check. Our bank puts a 7 day hold on the check. This is the reason we require the balance to be paid by the time the pup is six weeks old. We will notify you of that date after we receive your deposit. 

Puppy will be placed on "hold" for four (4) business days, while waiting for a deposit.  If deposit is not received in that time, the puppy will be placed back up for sale.







We prefer not to ship puppies but we will use a number of different airlines and air services to get your puppy to you. We need at least 3 business days to reserve your puppy's flight. Please know that we will be working as fast as we can. Shipping is sometimes dictated by the weather. Because of this there are times when flights have to be rescheduled. This does not happen very often, but it does on occasion. Sometimes we are not able to get your puppy into the airport that is closest to you, no matter how hard we try. We are also at the mercy of the airlines. Sometimes there are limited flights available and then certain issues can arise with the airlines that might delay shipping such as climate restrictions, cargo space, weight restrictions, etc., etc. The airlines we use will not ship a puppy if the temperature any where along the route is going to be below 32 degrees or higher than 85 degrees. So, we may have to look into ground shipping. Please be patient and know that we want you to get your puppy as soon as possible. If we will be shipping your puppy it will go to our vet when it turns eight weeks old for the Health Check. After that, shipping arrangements can be made. We will not book any flights or make any shipping arrangements until the balance owed on your puppy, plus shipping has been received and the payment has cleared. Please note any delay in getting us the contract, balance owed on puppy or shipping costs will result in your puppy being shipped at a later date. We will not ship the pup until all is paid for.